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Troy Burgon, Owner

Troy has well over three decades of experience in the trucking industry. From his roots on the farm driving truck and heavy equipment, he moved into distribution and sales. After college, Troy spent 12 years as a territory sales rep working for the Howard R Salter & Company, one of the industry’s first heavy duty Rep Agencies with roots going back nearly 60 years. He then bought out the MINK states portion of the Howard R Salter Company and has continued to the present as Mid-States Heavy Duty Representation. Troy covers Missouri and many of our high profile accounts and end users throughout the MINK states.

Daniel Burgon

Daniel has worked with Mid-States since he was a young teen. After completing degrees in Physical and Human Geography and masters work in GIS programing he joined the team as an inside salesman and has transitioned into an outside salesman. He has an easy way with customers and an eye for detail. 

Eric Woodward

Eric has a degree in Retail Marketing and Merchandising with 20+ years of experience. He has a good eye for the aesthetics of a retail set and is skilled at analyzing market trends for optimum sales results. Eric works exclusively with specialty projects and small market niches that are often overlooked in standard “repping” organizations. Eric covers all of our “retail” oriented lines in the entire territory, allowing the other salesmen to focus their time and efforts on a smaller set of customers. One of the specialty niches Eric gives detailed attention to would be all of our smaller or rural OES dealers. Eric has worked these specialty accounts with Mid-States for ten years.

Kathy Burgon

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