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Building relationships and leading the way to

Future Growth

Member of NTEA, TMC, HDMA, & MDTA

  • Our mission at Mid-States Heavy Duty we strive to develop and maintain lasting relationships of trust with our customers and partners; to provide exceptional service, to lead the way to continual growth of their product lines and the fulfillment of their goals and objectives.



Our services include:

- Providing A Personal Sales Force.

- Personalized Marketing.

- Flier + Promotional Support.


  • The markets we support and serve include; the tradinional heavy duty aftermarket, regional OEM's, OE dealers and dealer networks, truck body and equiptment dealers, retail truck shops, federal, municipal city and state agencies.



Here at Mid-States we are redefining the relationship between the manufacturer and their independent representative. Our sales and market initiatives are founded upon time proven principals, and then fueled through the use of electronic and web based tools to speed up and broaden our impact. Through many decades of collective sales experience within the Mid-States team, most of our customers have become close friends. Exceptional service to our friends, the customer, is the heart of our approach—“If you take care of the customer, the dollars will always take care of themselves.” Above all, we prize honesty and integrity in all our relationships, programs and practices. Together we can chart the course in building relationships and lead the way to future growth.

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